Time--2017 A to Z Theme

My theme for the 2018 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is "Cleaning the Clutter"--I might literally be cleaning my closets or figuratively clearing the excess from some other part of my life. I'm sure you can think of other things this could mean for you as well.

Always a work in progress--welcome to my blog...


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Queue ( #AtoZChallenge )

         Having to wait in line seems like an inefficient and uncomfortable way to do things.  A long line is essentially people clutter... 

A queue in front of a shop - a common sight in...
A queue in front of a shop - a common sight in the People's Republic of Poland during the 1980s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


          At some point in time we all wait in line.
          Lines to buy tickets or buy other things,
          Long lines of traffic when we wish we had wings.
          Waiting our turn at the DMV--
          That's not a place where I like to be.

          Please pick a number, then wait for your turn
          While employees work slow--they have no concern
          About people who wait for hours on end.
          Lines take up time that we didn't intend
          To be wasted on waiting and even more waiting.

          So if you need to do something then what do you do?
          Go stand in a line and wend your way through.
          Through to end of the line you're in now
           And on to the next one as time will allow.

          Time marches on, the days seem to fly.
          Minutes, hours, and years pass us by.
          We're part a system.  What else can we do?
          We're all waiting for something while stuck in a queue.

         What is the longest line you've ever had to wait in?    What kinds of lines do you dislike most?  Can you think of some better solutions than having to wait in lines?


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Plastic Bags ( #AtoZChallenge )

          I still remember when the grocery bagger would ask, "Paper or plastic?"   Now they ask if you brought your own bags or do you want to buy some?  But that's California.  Perhaps coming to a town near you...

Picking P's 

        For the letter "P" I had first considered using "Plethora of Pants" as my topic because it sounded funny to me.  I do indeed have lots of pairs of pants. If I wore a different pair every day I could probably go for a month without repeating.

        "Pieces of the Puzzle" was the next thing that came to mind.  All of my A to Z posts in this series are pieces of a larger puzzle, but I guess all the posts on this blog are pieces of an even larger puzzle.  I like pondering metaphorical puzzle pieces to try to put them in proper place.  However, I decided to postpone the puzzle post. 

         Then I thought about the large plastic trash bags filled with smaller plastic grocery bags.  The bags are something else I have in my garage.  For many years I've saved the bags for utilitarian household purposes such as trash can liners, totes, wrapping, or whatever reason I might need them.  As time went by I kept bringing more grocery bags home than I was using.  They were amassing to an obtrusive degree.

        Eventually I decided to start throwing them in the recycle bin now and then.  That plan came to an end when the California government decided to ban the plastic bags.   Now we had to bring our own carriers to the store or buy reusable bags.   I put a hold on my mission of getting rid of my cache of plastic bags.  Now I'd be using them up.

          The Bag Ban has been in effect for over a year now.   For the most part I've gotten used to bringing my own bags into the store.  At the rate I've been using the old grocery bags I figure I'll have enough to last probably a few years.  They're talking in the California government about banning plastic straws next.   In a few years I can imagine that we'll have to take our own reusable cups to places where they sell fountain drinks.  When that happens I'd say that there will be a big business in selling reusable cups to people who want to buy a drink.

           I think I see where this might be going.  People will get used to it I suppose.

            What do you do with your plastic grocery bags?   Has your local or state government banned anything that you have found to be useful?    Do you sometimes think of your life as a puzzle that you are still trying to figure out?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Over-sized Olympic ( #AtoZChallenge )

        Someday I might have a two car garage big enough for me to actually park my cars in--oh, wait!  I have that now except it's filled with stuff...

         There's a monster in my garage.  This behemoth has been there for the past twenty years.  My Tennessee friend Marvin gave this to me in 1989.  I brought it with me to Los Angeles where for many years it served as a place to put my television and stereo and have storage space underneath for record albums.  When my wife and I moved into our present home I brought this thing with me for lack of knowing anything else to do with it.

         Back in the early seventies when Marvin bought this it was quite the display piece to have in ones living room.  Marvin said he remembers it having a great sound and he used it for nearly twenty years.   I never used this stereo for its intended function, but it still works.  I tried it out back in December and the turntable sounded fine.  Since I still had a number of 8-track cartridges I tested the player and it also works though the tapes themselves haven't fared well being about thirty years old.

        This thing is not just huge, but it's heavy as one might expect.  I can slide it across the floor with some effort, but I don't know that I'd want to try to pick up even one end.  If someone wants this thing they will have to come and move it themselves.

          Perhaps I'll put it on Craigslist to see if anyone is interested.  I'll start with a price at first to see what the market might be like.  I've sold some rather odd things for pretty decent prices on Craigslist.  Once I advertised an outdated, but well kept set of Spanish language young peoples' encyclopedias asking $100.  It didn't take long to get a response.  A young man and woman in their twenties came by to pick them up.  Since they didn't appear to speak Spanish after my initial encounter with them I asked why they wanted the books.   They said they were making a movie and needed some books in volumes to create a library that looked like it might be in a lawyer's office.  They handed over my $100 without even trying to dicker the price down. 

          Maybe someone will be needing some retro-look props for some upcoming film.   Or maybe I'll have to call the city to have it picked up.  This old Olympic Home Entertainment system has seen its last days with me.  Now I need someone to take it off my hands.

           Did you or your family ever own a giant home entertainment console?    How much do you think I should ask as a starting price for this Olympic stereo system?     Any good ideas about how to get rid of this antique?